Harley Tattoos Show Your Pride

Show Your Pride for Harley Davidson

Harley tattoos come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you own a Harley motorcycle or a Harley Davidson made product to show your pride with a tat or three is one way to let others know that tradition of over 100 years is now inked on your body. Designs for the bike brand name are so numerous that it would be impossible to name them all. All you have to do is go somewhere where bikers hang out or even a charity event to see how many people display their tattoos.

Maybe you are old school and have a tattoo of a motorcycle from the 1940's or even earlier. Harley Davidson was born over 100 years ago so you certainly have enough material to think about when you go to the tattoo parlor. Choosing the right design to fit your taste or design a custom tattoo on the spot is all up to you. Is it a full picture of a bike or a shovel head motor that gets your motor running. Many people option for adding some fire red flames or a skull and crossbones to add some flavor to a tat.
What part of your body you want to place the tattoo is also a consideration that you will need to address. A quick online search will tell you that they are placed anywhere from the top of bald heads all the way down to the toes and certainly anywhere in between. And we do mean anywhere!
With modern tattoo equipment you can get inked in many colors as well. It is a thing of the past to just get a single color that is sometimes boring and unsightly. Red shows up really well if you have a flames design or a heart. Certain designs do look better on specific parts of the body but with a little imagination almost any tattoo pattern or picture can be customized to suit your individual needs.

Now some people will warn you that once you get your very first Harley tattoo you will be hooked and start to have a collection of body art in no time. Especially if you check out all the great looking tats that you see at motorcycle events or just cruising down the roads. It may start out with a simple chain tattoo around your ankle or wrist and then wind up in a few years with your body covered from head to toe with all kinds of Harley tattoos.

In any event what you decide to place forever on your body is up to you. Tattoos can be removed but it is rather costly with charges at a per square inch rate. So be careful when you get some Harley tattoos but also know that your pride for a world recognized brand such as Harley Davidson is well represented no matter where on your body the tat is placed.


Tattoo Designs for Women

Used to be if you were a sailor the first thing you did was get some ink. But things have changed with tattoo designs for women being very sexy and popular for the past few years. No longer is having a tattoo of Betty Boop the only tat around. Ink on a woman can be the hottest about her if it is done in a design that compliments her body or her favorite fetish.

Tattoos for women are similar to men in that they can be the exact same design or on the same part of the body. But we usually know what we want even if it is a tat of Winnie the Pooh which was our favorite cartoon when we were younger.

Tattoo designs for women come in all shapes and sizes. If you do not have a clue of what to get or where to go there are some very good sites where you can join to download an entire catalog of ink in many categories.

Your head will probably be swimming when you join up and check out all the cool designs available. Then all you have to do is pick one out, download it to your computer, and print it out. Some sites even have local tattoo artists that are registered with tattoo designs site so it makes it even easier to check out someone that is trusted.


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